Write: Proposed Analysis For "Punch, Brothers, Punch"


My hope is that you'll get more practice performing an analysis on a piece of writing.  This is a low-risk way to get that practice, which will ultimately help you in more "high stakes" activities, like writing Paper #1.


Please write about what issues and then claims you might want to make about Twain's story.  In other words, you might examine the following questions:

Write: Proposed Analysis For

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  1. Is the setting important to this story?  Could it have taken place somewhere else?
  2. Did the main narrator (Twain) change during the course of the story?  How?
  3. How was the language used in this story?  Does Twain use repetition?  What is the effect of this language use on the reader?

Please write a proposal of 250 to 500 words in which you describe what you might argue in performing a critical analysis of Twain's short story.  Upload your proposal here.

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