Work Of Art

Writing an "Appreciation"

One of the most important aspects of this class is for students to appreciate individual works of art. This assignment is designed to help you demonstrate your appreciation, and put your appreciation into words.

Keep in mind that because your text takes a broad view of what can be called a work of art, there is a very broad range of works you can appreciate. You can appreciate paintings, drawings, prints, films, graphic designs, digital works of art, installations, sculpture, or buildings. 

NOTE: Please use works of visual art. Assignments on music or vocalists will not be accepted. 

Step One: Choosing a Work

Choose a work of art that you would like to write an “Appreciation” for. It can be an actual work of art you have in your home, or that you have seen in a museum or gallery. Or, it can be a work of art by any artist – living or dead – that you have found on the internet.

Step Two: Writing your Appreciation

Your written appreciation needs to include all of the following elements:

Work Of Art

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1)  The title and date of the work of art

2)  The name of the artist or artists who created or designed it.

3)  The medium (materials and methods)

4) Describe the work (approx. 100 words). For assistance with this refer back to the video "The Skill of Describing."  (Links to an external site.)

5)  Tell why and how this work of art got your attention (approx. 100 words) 

Why did you choose it? Was it provocative? Beautiful? Technically interesting? Moving? Give any and all reasons that

come to mind. Tell us how and why this work personally appeals to you.

5)  Give biographical information about the artist (approx. 100 words)  This can be a kind of biographical sketch. You may use Wikipedia, but you must also use at least one other source, preferably a scholarly source like a museum or gallery website. If a group (for example and architectural firm) was responsible for the work, provide information about the group.

6)  Take a stab at criticism. Write a paragraph of between 50 and 100 words, evaluating your chosen work as if you were a critic or journalist. Tell your readers just what you find admirable or good in the work, and also what you find weak or negative. Be opinionated and try to link your criticism to specific elements that you have noted in the work.

Step 3: Add an Image (OPTIONAL)

If you know how to download and add an image to your written document, please add an image of the work you have been writing about. Although this is not required, it does help your instructor better evaluate your assignment. 

Step 4: Save and Submit your Appreciation

Please save a copy of your assignment, and upload it. Only WORD ( .doc and .docx ) files and pdf files can be accepted. 

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