Wellness And Culture

In responding to your peers, provide feedback on their topic analysis and describe the value of the social sciences lens for understanding wellness.

Make sure you support your response with the readings from this module, and any additional resources if needed.

Wellness And Culture

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Respond to this post:

In Module 3, I discussed mental illness, which is now my topic for our overall presentation. I discussed how mental illness has been perceived over time and also how meditation has had a positive influence on mental illness. Social sciences have impacted the way we can view mental illness in many ways. Societial and cultural influences can be considered when looking at people who struggle with this disease. By doing so, we can see how ease of access to the proper healthcare has influenced the mentally ill. Some cultures and religions do not follow guidelines that are suggested from doctors, which could impact someone's ability to improve their mental wellness. What is most important is looking at mental illness and psychology together. While we can look at societal and cultural infleunces through a social science lens, being able to look at the individual by themselves rather than in a group setting can create a more meaningful understanding of mental illness. Considering the very diverse population that can struggle with mental illness can help us understand the different perspectives about the illness and how they can impact social interactions throughout society. The social sciences can support this same concept through the historic lens in many ways. First, since psychology and sociology have changed throughout history, we can see the improvements that have been made. Second, by studying the historic values and customs of different cultures and mental illness, we can see where they stand today on the issue. 


Global Wellness Institute. (n.d.). History of wellness. Retrieved from https://globalwellnessinstitute.org/what-is-wellness/history-of-wellness/.


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