Week 5 : Critique Essay

please do following tasks.   

-do the critique essay 

1.you should  follow the video,  rubric and instructions properly. the length should be 700 to 900 words 

 2. you need to write crieique essay based on 2 or 3 sources. ( 1 source is the reading and other sources will be the refrence )  

reading : " Elon Musk Says Bitcoin Has Great Cost to Environment and Tesla Will No Longer Accept It" 

reading link :  https://www.vice.com/en/article/qj8bkx/elon-musk-says-bitcoin-has-great-cost-to-environment-and-tesla-will-no-longer-accept-it

instructions , student sample and rubric  will upload as a pictures 

video links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTikgc0Cx7k

you might need to edit it just you know 

Week 5 : Critique Essay

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- you need to write 5 paragraphs essay between 700- 900 words using  the same reading and you need to write critique essay based on 
outline not reverse outline 
- you can see example of critique essay. 
-you need to use citations from 2 sources, one can be used as your main reading and another one from internet. 
- you will put refrences last page of your assignment.  and you put last page minumum 2 sources in alphabetical order according to the last 
name of the writer.  ( one of them is your reading , the one you anyalyzing  and another one is whatevery you find it in the internet. it should be separate page, 
-you need to use 2-3 citations like short examles,  refrences should relate to the topic we've chosen 
 citation should be APA 

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