Week 4 Discussion FSM 4070

This week we have discussed consolidation in our learning module. There are those who think that big business is "evil" and others who believe that bigger is better.
It's time for you to pick sides. If you owned a medium-sized beverage alcohol company and a larger company offered to buy you out - would you want to become part of a large conglomerate or would you want to remain small?  Consider the facts and do your research before you make a decision.  
There will be two beliefs for you to choose - 'Bigger is Better' and 'Small is Beautiful'. Please indicate in the subject line which position you decided to choose. For your initial post, you must state why you believe that your position is the smartest one, giving at least one beverage alcohol company as an example. Only one initial post is needed.
For your response posts, respond to two posts with opposite beliefs from yours. You must present solid arguments as to why the opposite opinions are misguided. Two response posts are required. 

Week 4 Discussion FSM 4070

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