Week 3 Wall Street Journal Report

Please find an article on the Wall Street Journal (only) from our NU library about a strategy or a strategic-related issue of a company you like, related to the issues you learned this week, and not older than 12 months, so a very recent article. Write a two-page report following your course outline specifications, including a brief description of the article (one paragraph), what you learned from the article, and how you would apply what you learned in a company close to you, such as your favorite store in your neighborhood, your family business, a company in your country or place of origin, or in another industry. Avoid big company names such as Walmart, Starbucks, Apple, etc., small businesses is much better. Be very specific please. 


WSJ Article Report

For weeks 1 to 3 of this course, students will do a weekly report from an article in the Wall Street Journal, not more than one year old, and related to the content for each week. It will be 1-2 pages long, and 1.5 spaced, in which students will do a composition about what they learned from the article. Original work is expected, and no errors will be admitted. References are required.

Week 3 Wall Street Journal Report

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Do not use this article: https://www.wsj.com/articles/companies-plan-to-pour-even-more-cash-into-buybacks-dividends-in-2022-11640169002.

Do not use this article: https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-new-benefits-employers-could-offer-to-make-you-stay-11643817510


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