Week 2 Discussion: Stigma And Mental Illness Stigma And Mental Illness

  • ALL those videos are on YOUTUBE
  • Close Sisters (4 minutes) - Transcript: Close Sisters - Bring Change to Mind
  • Calen Pick and his cousin Annie Starke (2.5 minutes) - Transcript: Calen Pick and Annie Stark - Bring Change to mind
  • Removing The Stigma of Mental Illness (9.1 minutes) 
  1. Which video had the most effect on you?  What did you learn from the video and what surprised you?
  2. Which video do you believe will have the most impact on other people, in order to help reduce stigma experienced by people with severe mental disorders?  For example, if the specific video was used in public education sessions, policy debates, classroom sessions, etc.
  3.  What other ways ( besides video) can you think of that could help reduce stigma about mental illness and people affected by same? 
  4. How might you specifically do to counteract stigma, when encountering other people who react negatively or stigmatizing towards someone with a severe mental disorder?

Discussions require a minimum of 3 posts. The first post is your "initial response" or "Main Post" as this is your "opening or position statement". It should be about 150-250 words and should include citations/references indicating where you found your information. Then provide a minimum of TWO thoughtful and relevant replies to fellow students for each discussion question. The guideline for a reply post is about 100-150 words. These posts should be relevant, timely, well-written, and include citations.  This is your chance to "show off" what you have learned through the readings, videos, and external/scholarly sources you have found.  Posting the obvious, or comments such as I agree with you" or "That was an interesting idea" are not given value toward your discussion grade.  

Week 2 Discussion: Stigma And Mental Illness Stigma And Mental Illness

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