W6: The Fight For Sovereignty


Select one question and respond with researched material using the AIE readings, the course content, and the film. Post your main statement by Friday night and reply to at least two classmates by Sunday night.

1. What occurred concerning Native Americans in the Progressive Era? How did the Progressives want to deal with American Indians in the early twentieth century?

Further reading: Education and Social Control, Assimilation, Native People and Boarding School Experience, The

W6: The Fight For Sovereignty

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2. Did the federal government accomplish its goal of assimilating Indians into white society? Why or why not? How did the federal government and reformers try to erase the American Indian culture?

Further readings: Assimilation, Native People and Boarding School Movement, Impact of the

3. Why did the educators stress vocational or work-related training? What do you think self-determination means for American Indians and how does it differ from the philosophy of the boarding schools?

Further reading: Federal Support of Native American Education,  Mission Schools,  Boarding School Movement, Impact of the and  Carlisle Indian Industrial School

4. How did reservations, European civilization, and allotment affect the Western Plains Indians?

Further reading: Allotments,  Indian Removal,  Stereotypes, Native American and  Sovereignty, Native American

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