Victomology Ch 9

Answer the following questions using the files attached. These should be well developed. Give me examples, discussion and details. Two good paragraphs each. Respond to each part of the question! Stay on topic. You do not need to write out each question in the paper. Just number each question. Make sure you are only using the files attached. Absolutely NO outside resources. All the information is in the textbook attached. 

Victomology Ch 9

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  1. What are some issues with generating accurate estimates of the extent of child maltreatment and elder maltreatment?
  2. Why do you think parents are the most likely to be perpetrators of their children’s maltreatment? Why are adult children the most likely perpetrators of elder maltreatment?
  3. What is the victim–offender overlap as it pertains to child maltreatment?
  4. Why do you think child maltreatment has been linked with adult poverty?
  5. Why do you think females are more likely to be victims of elder maltreatment than are males? Why are male children more likely to be killed through child maltreatment than are female children?

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