Veteran Studies

After completing the activity map exercise using the Day in the Life schedules and Joint Base Lewis McChord map, please answer ALL three questions about the exercise:

Veteran Studies

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  • Describe your impressions of the daily life of a soldier on post. How far does the soldier range geographically in a typical training day—how large is the activity space? What surprised you about a typical day?
  • Describe your impression of a typical day for a military spouse that lives on post. Did you get the feeling that military families experience life differently from mainstream society and in what ways? What are some advantages and disadvantages of being a part of a military family?
  • Briefly describe how different life might be for the soldier and spouse once they leave military service and/or move off a military installation?

  • Read the following
    • David Finkel, selection from The Good Soldiers in Standing Down, pp. 372-392
    • Siobhan Fallon, selection from You Know When the Men Are Gone in Standing Down, pp432-457
    • Skim selections from the Military Deployment Guide (attached above, p. 3-5, 42-63, 92-102, 145-147, 202-248 - 95 pages)
    • National Council on Family Relations, “Returning Home: What We Know about the Reintegration of Deployed Service Members into their Families and Communities” (attached above, 5 pages)

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