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Your second response will be based on one of the net three stories of the book, '' Otravida, Otravez'', '' Flaca'', or '' The Pura Principle''. Ensure that you have the following: 

One qoute from the story that you place at the top of your response. Remember to choose a qoute that you feel is significant or important to the story . 
. One to two paragraphs of interpertation/ analysis in which you discuss the significance of the qoute you chose in relation events occuring in the story. You must incorporate one qoute from scholarly source. refer to terms such as symbol, metaphor, characterization, irony in your interpertation. But also refer to the scholarly source you chose and sho connections. 

  • Use proper MLA format when citing your quote.  Place the quote in quotations and use in-text parentheticals at the end of the quote. DON'T FORGET TO INCLUDE THE PAGE NUMBER OF THE QUOTE
  • Use proper MLA format for your heading and number the pages of your document (see Overview of MLA format from Week 1)
  • Indent the first line of each paragraph. NO BLOCK PARAGRAPHS
  • Double space your paper.
  • Do not add extra space between your paragraphs.  HIT ENTER ONCE and begin your second paragraph
  • If appropriate to your interpretation, include quotes from the story as supporting evidence for your arguments.

Unknown Title

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