The title for the thesis is "The Impact of a Nurse-Led Education Program for Obese and Overweight Teenagers in Singapore"

The research question is "What is the effectiveness of a Nurse-Led education program in reducing obesity and overweight among Teenagers in Singapore".

Suggested Word Count for each Chapter
  • Chapter 1: Introduction (1500 words)
  • Chapter 2: Literature review (3500 words)
  • Chapter 3: Research proposal (3500 words)
  • Chapter 4 - Summary (1500 words)
Important Notes (Please ensure you fully understand the following):
  1. A sample (Sample Thesis (Distinction).pdf) has been provided for your reference. Please follow closely to how it was done.
  2. A PRISMA Diagram (PRISMA Diagram.png) is provided. Please use it in Chapter 2 - Search Results.
    • The 7 articles are provided - 7 Articles.zipData extraction table.docx
  3. I have done 2 drafts (Draft 1.docx & Draft 2.docx), you may use some of the information within but do not copy totally.
  4. For Research Design
    • Quantitative - Survey, a template has to be attached under Appendix
    • 2 Secondary Schools in Singapore - School A & School B
    • Sample size 100 per school
    • Result - You have to made up the data
  5. Additional Resources Provided
    • Thesis Writing 
    • Lec 
    • Additional


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