Thematic Response & Presentation

This short essay will thematically integrate a film with your personal experiences. Watch the movie The Great Debaters and reveal one central theme from it.  Discuss how that theme is revealed in the film in the introduction and give your personal experience with that same theme in the body paragraphs. Your experience may be vastly different than the experience in the film; you are linking a similar theme (feelings, concepts), not literal experiences!

Link to the movie:

Thematic Response & Presentation

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Introduction (1 paragraph):  In the introduction, you will introduce the film and its producer.  Put the title of the film in italics; remember to identify the producer.  Discuss/analyze the theme you are using from the movie and how that theme is revealed in the piece.  Do not write a long plot summary of the film but instead focus on the theme that you are going to use as a springboard for your own personal experience.

Body Paragraph (2-3 paragraphs):  In these paragraphs, colorfully relay your personal experience regarding the theme you have chosen.  Include some details that further this theme.  Keep your paragraphs uniform in development (length).

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