The United States And Middle America Essay

The United States and the five Central American countries share roughly $58.63 billion in total (two-way) trade in goods. U.S. goods exports to Central America totaled $32.75 billion in 2019. Leading U.S. exports to Central America include petroleum, food manufactures, textiles and fabrics, and computer and electronic products. Leading U.S. imports from Central America include apparel products, agricultural products, manufactured commodities, and food manufactures. The U.S. is the main supplier of goods and services to Central American economies. Over forty percent of total goods exports by Central America come from the United States.
1. Develop a two page commentary essay:
The United States is the single most important trading and  economic partner of every country in the Middle America realm - is that a positive or negative for Middle  America?
Should those nations be able to imcrese their trade with other nations

The United States And Middle America Essay

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