The Teaching Of Jesus Critique Report

you will appraise and critique a pre-assigned peer-reviewed article The Teaching Methods of Jesus.pdf  Download The Teaching Methods of Jesus.pdf  related to Faith and Science using the Evidence-Based Practice Model then write a 1-page summative report in APA format (7thedition) addressing each step of the Evidence-Based Practice Model below:

  • ASK the answerable clinical question per the article, not your question, but the authors. 
  • ACQUIRE the most relevant and best evidence to answer the question. 
  • APPRAISE the evidence critically for validity, relevance, and applicability.
  • APPLY the evidence, along with critical expertise and the patient's preferences and values.
  • ASSESS the effectiveness and efficiency of the previous four steps and seek ways to improve one's ability to ask, acquire, appraise, and apply.


The Teaching Of Jesus Critique Report

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The goal of this assignment is to discern if it is a credible article? Is it reliable? Is it truth? In this world, we are inundated with a plethora of information, all of the time, but what is truth? How do you know what you are thinking, seeing, and reading is truth? If we do not know truth ourselves, we will move all over the place, believing in this and that, swaying in our thought patterns and all the while being deceived!

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