The Growth Of Gusto 54


This assignment requires students to analyse a case relevant to the conditions being experienced in the restaurant industry as it pertains to connecting organizational culture, diversity, values, attitudes, motivation, accountability, and talent management.

Required Materials

The Growth Of Gusto 54

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Konrad, A & Birbrager, L (2020). Gusto 54: Creating a Culture of Ownership and AccountabilityIvey Publishing. 


  1. Thoroughly read the case. It is recommended that you read 2-3 times.
  2. Prepare a 5-page report (12-point font, double spaced not including the title page or reference page), that addresses the following questions:
    • As of January 2020, what is Gusto 54’s competitive advantage? If COVID-19 had never happened, would you have believed that the group would be able to maintain this advantage? Why or why not?
    • How would you define Gusto 54’s culture as of January 2020? Does your definition vary throughout the case?
    • What role does values, attitudes, and diversity play at Gusto 54? Do you consider the values, attitudes, and diversity to be a strength or weakness at Gusto 54?
    • Do you agree or disagree with the steps that Gusto 54 took to build its “people-first”culture? Why or why not? What are the key challenges facing Gusto 54 in January 2020 (before awareness of the upcoming COVID-19 pandemic)?
    • If COVID-19 had never happened, which challenge would have been Gusto 54’s largest barrier to continued growth? How would you suggest the group tackle this challenge? 

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