Telework Productivity

Telework Productivity (See Attachments for additional material)

Section V-Recommendations are, in essence, the culmination of the Capstone project. Thisis your opportunity to present the solution you have devised from the researchdiscovered in an effort to address the problem or opportunity. Develop yourrecommendations and plan of action to address your problem or opportunity.

Include the following:

       Interpretiveviews about results

Telework Productivity

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       Recommendations,options, action plans, or practical applications for decision makers to use

       Correlationto investigative findings for all recommendations.

       Onepage, at the minimum, dedicated to the conclusion of this research project, toinclude future recommendations for areas of opportunity and research that werenot addressed due to the time limitations of this Capstone.

Your well-written SectionV must be 4-5 pages total in length, in addition to title, table of contents,and reference pages. The paper should be formatted according to the Capstoneproject template

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