Task 2

A.  Create an original direct instruction lesson plan in the content area and grade level of your choice using the supporting document Direct Instruction Lesson Plan Template and WGU Lesson Planning Guide. Complete each of the following to finalize your lesson plan:

1.  Identify all required general information for the lesson plan, including the lesson title, subject, grade/level/setting, and prerequisite skills for the lesson.

2.  Align the relevant standards and objectives for the lesson by doing the following:

a.  Identify the current state or national academic content standard(s) addressed by the lesson plan and include the associated alphanumeric code and full description for each standard.

b.  Create lesson learning objective(s) that align to the state or academic standards identified in part A2a. Each learning objective should include the following required components:



 measurable criterion

3.  Discuss the necessary materials, resources, and technology for the lesson plan by doing the following:

a.  List all materials and resources necessary for teachers and students to complete the lesson.

b.  Identify the technologies integrated into the learning activities within the lesson, and explain how each technology supports student learning.

4.  Discuss the language demands included in the lesson by doing the following:

a.  Identify the language function(s) students will be able to engage in upon completion of the lesson.

Task 2

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b.  Identify key vocabulary terms students must know in order to master the learning objectives for the lesson.

c.  Identify relevant discourse or syntax used in the lesson.

d.  Describe relevant language supports that will be used to help students apply the language of the discipline during the lesson.

5.  Describe the activities and associated student actions in detail for each of the following steps:

 anticipatory set

 presentation procedures for new information and/or modeling

 guided practice

 independent student practice

 culminating or closing procedure/activity

6.  Discuss how the lesson will differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all students by doing the following:

a.  Explain how the differentiated instruction will be used in the lesson to meet the needs of students who are gifted and talented.

b.  Explain how the differentiated instruction will be used in the lesson to meet the needs of students whose native language is not English.

c.  Explain how the differentiated instruction will be used in the lesson to meet the needs of students with a mild to moderate learning disability.

7.  Explain how to assess student progress toward reaching the lesson learning objectives by doing the following:

a.  Describe the formative assessment used in the lesson and how it helps monitor student progress.

b.  Describe the summative assessment and how it measures student achievement of the lesson learning objectives.

B.  Explain how the lesson plan from part A could be modified to be a cross-disciplinary lesson. Include modifications to each of the following in your explanation:




1.  Explain how the modified lesson from part B aligns to all relevant standards. Include the associated alphanumeric code and full description for each standard in your explanation.

2.  Explain how your modifications to the plans instruction, skills, and content would increase the relevance of the lesson and impact student engagement and motivation in the lesson.

C.  Acknowledge sources, using in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.

D.  Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission.

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