Substance Abuse Prevention

Each week you are to find an internet article related to prevention or substance use. Provide a link to the article at the top of your post. If the link does not work or does not take you directly to the article you will not get credit for your post. You are to write a 250 word summary of the article and why you think your fellow classmates would be interested in reading the article. This is due 48 hours prior to deadline. 50 points. 

You are then to respond to two other of your fellow classmates posts talking about specific points in the article that you read. You replies must be 125 words. 25 points each. 

Substance Abuse Prevention

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 The best way to place the link at the top of the page is by opening two tabs, one for the article and one for the discussion. Copy the link of the article past it in your discussion.

You will not get credit if it is an article that has already been submitted whether it is this week or previous weeks.

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