Statement Of Purpose Social Work

Social Work professionals address the needs of vulnerable populations and they are bound by a professional code of ethics that guide their professional behavior. We are looking for individuals who exhibit strong potential for developing professional competence, whose personal value system promotes social work core values and who have demonstrated academic promise to be able to perform successfully at the graduate level. Faculty members will evaluate your qualifications for a professional education in social work and the appropriateness of our program for your educational needs and goals. Format: 5-6 pages, 12 point font with 1” margins, single or double spaced • Before you write: 1. Reflect on your educational and professional objectives. 2. Evaluate your expectations regarding the MSW degree program and your professional future. 3. Read the NASW Code of Ethics and reflect social work principles such as privilege, oppression, diversity and social injustice. • Reviewer’s expectations: *Note: all essays should be written in a professional format 1. Strong written communication skills (grammar, spelling, punctuation, diction and organization). 2. Essay Content A. Your motivation for social work and social work education B. Evidence of experience or interest in working with diverse populations or oppressed groups C. Address commitment to social and economic justice and other interests congruent with social work values and ethics D. Your potential to become a competent social worker E. Your potential and plan for academic success F. The resources will you use to support you academically G. Additional information that might help assess your potential H. Discuss two experiences you have had that are relevant to individual differences and/or diversity in relation to the NASW Code of Ethics.

Statement Of Purpose Social Work

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