SOSC301 W6 Video Case Study


This week you will complete a one-page report applyingknowledge from this course and your own research to a provided case study video.

SOSC301 W6 Video Case Study

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The case study for this assessment is available at thefollowing weblink, from Maoning0105.  Thevideo is approximately two and a half minutes in length.  When you are ready to view the case study,please click on the following weblink: 

After reviewing the provided case study, utilize coursematerial and at least two outside resources to address the following prompts inyour report.  Make sure to include anintroduction, conclusion, and APA style citations and reference list.

  • Analyze the conflict seen in the video casestudy. Identify the conflict or topic(s) being discussed.
  • Identify and evaluate the specificcommunication methods and strategies seen in the video case study.
  • Indicatewhich barriers to effective communication you saw in the case study.  Provide supporting details of how thesebarriers evidenced themselves.
  • Imagineyou are one of the characters in this video. Summarize how you might have handled the situation differently to reachyour interpersonal goals.  Be specific asto how you might have avoided some of the communication barriers you saw.

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