Scope Of Practice In Advance Practice Nursing

Search the Arizona state board of nursingwebsite for the regulations in your specialty (Family Nurse Practitioner)and answers the following questions below. Respondsuccinctly but completely to each question. Include at least 6 retrievablereference links integrated in the paper for your writing as sources (also list in reference list). Minimum of 600 words. Use APA 7thedition.


      Please identify thestate where you will practice after graduation

      Is the practiceenvironment restricted, collaborative, or full practice/independent?

Scope Of Practice In Advance Practice Nursing

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      Who regulates thepractice of nurse practitioners in your state?

      What is the legal titlefor a nurse practitioner in that state?

      What level ofprescriptive authority is available in the state, and what is the process toobtain it?

      Do you need a separatelicense as a nurse practitioner, a certificate, or just your RN license topractice?

      In your state, are thereany current bills or recent legislation surrounding NP practice?

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