Science/Education Journal Summary

Journal Summary
Obtain an elementary or middle school science teaching journal to review. Suggested journals include Science and Children or Science Scope (both published by NSTA) or Science Activities (published by Heldref Publications). Review the journal you have selected, and then prepare a report according to the instructions below:
Overview / Introduction (9 points possible)

 Describe the journal. What is the title? What features does it include? Who is the intended audience?
o What organization publishes the journal? What issue did you read? When was it published? etc.

Tell which part(s) of the journal were most useful to you (explain why).

Give at least three (3) reasons why a beginning elementary teacher should read a journal like this.

Select three (3) of the articles in the journal. (7 points possible for each article) For each:
o List the title and author(s), o Describe the objective(s) / purpose(s) of the article,
o List three (3) things you learned, consider the concepts/processes that were emphasized, 
then decide for a teacher in what grade level would this article be of most interest. Use 
specific references to state science standards (with coding and written out text) to support your choice.

Science/Education Journal Summary

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