Role Of Social Media In Fashion Industry

There will be an MLA-style research paper required.  It will be approximately

12-15 pages (cover page, including a bibliography, charts, graphics, etc.) where you will have an opportunity to research a specific topic of interest in depth.    At least 10-11 of these pages must be typewritten text. A preliminary outline of the planned research will be required before your intense research.   Your paper will have five necessary parts which must be met:

  1. The paper will explain how businesses use the technology you are describing.  At least 3 examples (businesses/industries) must be explained.  
  2. The paper is not to be technical.  This is a business class, and the paper should be done so that someone who is not technical will appreciate the know-how of the technologies used in a business/industry.    
  3. The paper will include outside research.  Outside research is met by conducting an interview (phone or personal) with a business professional who is an "expert" or has worked in the field you are researching for a minimum of 5 years.  Your research must be included in your paper and clearly identify the name/contact information of your individual.  If the individual is not willing to provide contact information, please e-mail prior to discussion.  The information gathered should be in a question-and-answer format or paragraph form. You need to develop the questions that you find will glean the best information. You must be prepared with at least seven questions that will help write this section of your paper.   This should be included before the item of the "What you have learned" section of your written paper (see #4).   It would be best if you began this section with a heading titled "My Interview with a Business Professional."  
  4. The paper's ending will conclude with what you have learned from your research.   What have you learned that you didn't know before?     Please include at least two different things learned and discuss those in 3-4 paragraphs.  It would be best to begin this section with the "What I Have Learned" heading.  Please note this is not simply writing a paper's conclusion but must specifically explain the items addressed above. 
  5. The paper must be in MLA format and have proper grammar, etc. 

Role Of Social Media In Fashion Industry

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