Revival Of Covid Er

After a long dormancy in this Covid era, our lives seem to be taking off for a fresh start. Vaccination is speeding up, people are mostly cautious in their interactions with less handshakes and kisses, and despite ups and downs in new cases and deaths, signs for revival are getting more visible every passing day.

Revival Of Covid Er

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  • What does revival mean to you? How do you revive?
  • Is getting back to normal a revival when there is a new normal every day? What is your new normal?
  • Having faced the reality of death grievously during the pandemic, what would revival mean to those who lost their lives and to their loved ones left behind?
  • How has your perception of life changed as we have realized our fragility and could not prevent the loss of millions?
  • Do you believe in revival after death, and how did you rely on these beliefs during the pandemic?

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