Reflection: Levine And Rogers


For this reflection, submit your answers to the questions below and include the references as indicated.

The formatting must follow APA guidelines.  

This Reflection has two parts:

The first part will discuss Levine's theory.

The second part will discuss Rogers's theory.

Please use the following headings:


Reflection: Levine And Rogers

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See the previous assignment for what should be in a good introduction. 

Levine's Theory

Discuss the four Conservation Principles in Levine's theory (energy, structural integrity, personal and social integrity). Each of the principles should be defined with a reference in-text. Identify why each principle is important in health/patient care.  Also, list the reference(s) at the end of the page. 

Roger's Theory

Describe the usefulness of Rogers's theory in practice and name two critiques of the theory.

Also, describe your two critiques of the theory. List the reference(s) in text and at the end of the page. 


A good conclusion summarizes the main points of the paper. 

This conclusion should be at least two paragraphs.

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