Reading Review Assignment 2

- ⭐Choi, S. G. & Storr, V. H. (2019). A culture of Rent Seeking. Public Choice. 181: 101-126. 

(If you choose to review Choi and Storr, try to think of ways in which their understanding of Rent Seeking could fit both within British Mercantilism more broadly, but also within the specific Canadian context.)

Reading Review Assignment 2

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- ⭐ Zanella, F. C., Ekelund, R. B., & Laband, D. N. (2003). Monarchy, Monopoly and Mercantilism: Brazil versus the United States in the 1800s. Public Choice, 116(3/4): 381–398.

(Note that Institutions and Economic Growth for non-Indigenous Canadians in the 1800 much more closely followed the US than Brazil. Therefore, if you choose to review for Zanella et al (2003), try to relate their findings to the Canadian experience.)

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