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Thanks for the reminder.
I've attached the assignment for the final exam. Use the critique form to evaluate the 3 previously created RPs.
Each is worth 50 points (150 possible).
And post your final research proposal (RP).
Include your polished RP with all 3 chapters, list of references, and the 3 instruments you created.
It is worth 200 points possible for your final .
On your scores you currently have 469 points.
And here is the grading system:



A 100-95% (920-874 points) 

A- 94-90% (873-828 points) 

B+ 89-87% (827-800 points) 

B 86-84% (799-773 points) 

B- 83-80% (772-736 points) 

C+ 79-77% (735-708 points) 

C 76-74% (707-681 points) 

C- 73-70% (680-644 points) 

D 69-65% (643-598 points) 

F below 65% (below 598 points

Read What Send Me

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