Ratio Analysis

The following are professor's instructions for the paper, please make sure to follow it. Also, I do not have accsses for the datebase so try to find infor you need online. I will also attach the example of this paper that got an A, you can use it as a example and you can use number info from it but do not rewritte the same paper. This needs to be plagiarism free paper. 

Look up the income statement and balance sheet information using the Library's Mergent database. Use the income statement and balance sheet for Amazon and compute the ratios (found in the Hill et al., (2020) appendix article Introduction – Analyzing a Case Study and Writing a Case Study Analysis) for the years 2017 and 2018.
   • Complete all of the ratios with the exception of the following.  Of the ratios listed in the Appendix Introduction, it is not necessary to compute ROIC or any of the Shareholder-Return Ratios. Under the Profitability ratios, it is important to add the Gross Profit Margin ratio. Calculated as (sales – cost of goods sold / sales). This is a measure of sales available to cover operating expenses and still generate a profit. Larger is usually better.
   • You may access complete financials for this company using the Mergent Online Database through the university’s Library homepage.

Submit your findings in a Word document.

Ratio Analysis

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