Railway Labor Act

  • Type your answers to the prompts below in a Word document. Remember to include parenthetical citations (in APA
  • format) to reference your sources.
  • 1
  • Complete an in-depth analysis of the Railway Labor Act (RLA), including its amendments, judicial
  • interpretations, and administrative law. Having studied the LA over the past few weeks, you will now tie it
  • together with what you have learned about labor relations thus far. Choose a case from the Saint Leo Online
  • Library or any other Internet source on this topic and be sure to include this in your response.
  • Make sure these guidelines are met:
  • Provides concrete examples from the readings to support postings 
  • Integrates prior readings in postings
  • Integrates personal observations and knowledge in an accurate and highly insightful way
  • Presents new observations
  • Posts are organized
  • Information is presented in a logical sequence
  • Word choice and sentence structure are suitable

Railway Labor Act

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