Psychology Confirmity And Obedience Paper

Resources needed:

Watch the following videos that are posted on Canvas
Stanford Prison Experiment
Conformity and Obedience
By stander Effect
Psychology of Evil

After you watch the assigned videos, provide comprehensive responses to the following questions.

Is conformity important in our society? How is it destructive? 
Under what conditions are we most likely to conform/ obey and when are we most likely to resist social influence?
Discuss the pressures you experienced and how you deal with such pressure to conform. Discuss possible explanations for your behaviors using attribution theory (i.e., situationism, dispositionism).
Explain how ordinary people can commit extraordinary evil behaviors according to Dr. Zimbardo. Note how social context or situation plays an important role in these components.
Discuss how we can combat evil (how can we learn to resist social influence)?
Discuss three important messages you got form watching all assigned videos.
Format your paper with double-spaced, Times New Roman, with 1-inch margins, and in 12 point font. Paper must be longer than 3 full pages excluding your information and references page (the longer pages are ok). Paper that is shorter than required lengths will not receive a credit.

Cite resources in the paper accordingly and add references in the end of the paper. Review the grading rubrics of assignments posted on Canvas.

You will turn in this Word file via the link provided in Canvas. Be sure your name is on the form and in the name of the file. The assignment is due on Friday at midnight.  

Psychology Confirmity And Obedience Paper

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