Over the last few weeks, you have studied early Human Growth and Development. You have read about, studied, and discussed physical, cognitive, and socioemotional growth throughout pre-natal and infant development. Among the many topics we have covered are: biological underpinnings of life, infertility, adoption, pre-natal development, the birth process, the postpartum period, infant development, language development, theories of attachment, child care options, the physical, cognitive, and socioemotional of early childhood and many other topics.
     For your essay exam, please reflect on what you have learned in Chapters 1 - 6.  Write an essay discussing the 5 topics that most intrigued, surprised, puzzled and/or interested you. You will need to (a) define, describe, and explain each topic IN YOUR OWN WORDS and (b) discuss your reaction and thoughts about each. In other words, what was it about these 5 topics that intrigued or surprised or interested you?
     Each topic should be discussed in a separate paragraph. Your essay will be graded on: the quality of the content presented AND the quality of your writing. It is worth a total of 50 points.


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