Project Leadership

You will do three things for this assignment:

1 - Create a Statement of Work (SOW) using the template provided,

2 - Evaluate your own SOW using the rubric provided,

tart with the template SOW attached and complete each section of it for a project of your choice.

Project Leadership

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You can choose a real project that you are involved with or make up a project.   In any case this is a professional document.

The SOW MUST be entirely your own creation.  You cannot copy an existing SOW.

The project needs to have one person in the Client role and a different person in the Project Manager role.

If you use a real project - MAKE SURE you DO NOT reveal information that must be kept confidential. 

If you make up a project, make sure it is clear what the project is.  

You cannot copy a sample SOW, you must make up your own.

Keep in mind that an SOW documents the project requirements from the client's perspective because it is a document that is used to solicit bids from vendors to do the work documented in it and to deliver the deliverables in it.  

The points your SOW earns is based on how it fulfills the Quality Criteria specified in the Rubric.  Use the Rubric as your guide.  Your colleagues in the course (and the instructor) will evaluate your SOW using those Quality Criteria.

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