Preconceived Idea Concerning Human Psychology


In this course, students will be required to prepare a three-page paperthat addresses some preconceived ideas concerning human psychology that thestudent believes upon entering the class. In this paper, the student willdiscuss the evidence, which will consist primarily of empirical studies, thateither support or refute this idea. As part of this discussion, studentsshould address the principles addressed in the empirical data, the ways thatthese principles were tested, and how the results apply to the established (orpreconceived) principle. In addition, the students will discuss the relevanceof this knowledge to general society and how such knowledge might be used forbettering the social (or human) condition. In preparing this paper, studentswill be expected to follow proper principles of grammar and syntactic structureso as to demonstrate appropriate communication skills.


The polygraph (lie detector) test is anaccurate means of detecting dishonesty.



Preconceived Idea Concerning Human Psychology

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        Thepsychological preconception and some general information about it possiblywhere or how the myth originated; as well as the relevance or influence thepreconception has on society or individuals.

        Theempirical evidence that deals with the topic of choice (at least 2 empiricalstudies published in credible sources)

        Howthe evidence proves or refutes the preconceived idea



Original empiricalstudies published in credible sources (i.e. peer-reviewed scholarly journals)

  • For each study, explain:
    • The principles addressed in the study (the main theory or concept that the study is based on)
    • The ways that these principles were tested (the procedure/method used in the study)
    • How the results apply to the above principle (how the study supports or refutes your preconception)


This is an empirical research paper. You are NOT reporting on your personal thoughts or feelings about the preconception or the literaturedealing with it.  You are only reporting the research and the evidenceabout the psychological preconception.  You should not be quotingeverything, keep quotes to a minimum if at all.  Rely on paraphrasingthroughout your paper.

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