Podcast Response

download the file and read it  and listen to the podcast  https://www.npr.org/2019/01/24/687707404/creative-differences-the-benefits-of-reaching-out-to-people-unlike-ourselves

Podcast Response

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1. You are to provide a summary of and a reflection on what you experienced in each of the four segments - a three paragraph minimum response to each segment is required.   

In that three paragraph minimum response you need to include:

2. Specific Content that rose to the top for you - keep a pen/pencil or have an electronic WORD document open while listening to write down areas that jump out at you to include in your response to each of these four segments.   

3. Beyond content information, you are also required to Reflect on what you experienced - how did these four segments make you feel?  Are you able to see any positive outcomes from experiences such as those presented in these four segments?  Be sure to include what you learned - what was "new to you" in your response to each segment.

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