Physical Assessment

You will perform a history of a nose, mouth, throat, or neck problem that your instructor has provided you or one that you have experienced, and you will perform an assessment including nose, mouth, throat, and neck. You will document your subjective and objective findings, identify actual or potential risks, and submit this in a Word document to the drop box provided.


Documentation of problem basedassessment of the nose, throat, neck, and regional lymphatics.


Purposeof Assignment:

Learning the required components ofdocumenting a problem based subjective and objective assessment of nose,throat, neck, and regional lymphatics. Identify abnormal findings.


Physical Assessment

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Demonstrate physical examination skillsof the head, ears, and eyes, nose, mouth, neck, and regional lymphatics.




Content: Use of three sections:

o  Subjective

o  Objective

o  Actual or potential risk factors for theclient based on the assessment findings with description or reason forselection of them.



        StandardAmerican English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.)


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