Philosophy Of Language

Your task is to explicate and evaluate the very first paragraph of Frege’s ‘On Sense and Reference’.

An explication renders its target intelligible even to those unfamiliar with the text. Define any technical terms. Clearly identify premisses and conclusions, and make explicit any relations between the different premisses (e.g. does any premiss follow from an earlier one?). Lastly, if an argument plays a relevant role in a larger argument, this role should be acknowledged and its relevance explained.

To evaluate an argument you must assess its validity and soundness. If the argument is invalid as it stands, consider whether there are any plausible premisses which (if added) would make the argument valid. If you wish to show that the argument is unsound, you must argue against one (or more) of its premisses. If you wish to defend an argument’s soundness, you must consider an objection to the argument and respond to it.

Word Count: The paper cannot exceed 1000 words.

Philosophy Of Language

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