Philosophy Assignment : Moral Relativism

1. Hiii , i am attaching below about what needs to be done in my philosophy assignment , plz follow the instructions carefully.



2. Moral Relativism:  read the articles in the provided links, answer the following questions in 5 paragraphs:


Question 1:  Would a cultural relativist agree with the activists who want to reform Dominican law?



Question 2: How does the Dominican Republic's abortion laws reflect its cultural and religious values?



Question 3 : Should such values be respected according to divine command theory?



Philosophy Assignment : Moral Relativism

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Question 4:  How can cases such as that of Esperanza be used to illustrate the problems with cultural relativism and divine command theory? 




3.      Links





4.   1 page MLA writing with five paragraphs



5. please do not use someone elses words, or making slight changes to words from the text or another source. Strictly No Plagiarism


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