Personal Values & Cultural Competence

Instructions for paper:

Final Paper Outline and Sources:

You will draft an outline that consists of key topics you intend to cover in your final paper based on the provided instructions BELOW. This assignment is to be the skeleton of your paper. Provide at least 5 main headers as well as sub-headers and a list of your 4 peer reviewed.

Personal Values and Cultural Competence This final paper will consist of 2 parts which will allow you to integrate your personal and lived experiences to share competence and understanding of what it means to be a  culturally competent helper from the perspective of your cultural/ethnic identity. 

Part 1: Personal Values 

  • Examine your development as an ethnic and cultural person. Your task is to 

    • openly explore your attitudes, beliefs, values, thoughts and actions in relation to self and others both within and outside of your ethnic group.

    • Draw upon a model for Minority or White Identity Development covered in class. Thoroughly examine how this model explains or does not explain your personal experience, where you are in terms of your development; address components that may be missing from this model to describe completely your personal ethnic journey;

    • how you see your ethnic identity informing your professional identity as a future counselor.  What things will be helpful? What things will be a hindrance?

  • Part 2: Cultural Competence 

    • This portion of your paper requires you to consider what a counselor or therapist would need to know about you, your cultural identity and our cultural background in order to provide effective and culturally competent services to you. 

    • discuss the role or impact of at least 5 of the following topics addressed throughout the course 

      Personal Values & Cultural Competence

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      • acculturation/enculturation status, 

      • microaggressions 

      • intersectionality 

      • structural violence 

      • institutional racism 

      • cultural encapsulation 

      • privilege 

      • historical oppression and trauma 

      • advocacy 

      • communication 

      • culturally competent interventions 

    • Please approach this portion of your paper as if you are writing a professional book chapter about your cultural group for counseling professionals to reference in order to serve or supervise you or someone with a similar background. 

  • 4  pages (not including title and references page)

  • 6 sources (minimum) 

    • at least 3 peer reviewed journal articles 

  • APA formatted

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