Personal Identity, Consciousness

Read these Parfit excerpts (Links to an external site.) on whether personal identity is what matters in survival. Questions to guide your reading:

Personal Identity, Consciousness

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    1. Why does Parfit think that identity is not what matters in survival? What does he think matters instead?
    2. If you have a soul, what do you think matters in your survival? Why?  If you do not have a soul, what do you think matters in your survival? Why?
    3. Parfit thinks that it possible to believe that reductionism about persons is true and that personal identity is not what matters in survival. In your view, is this easy to believe? Is it possible? Explain.
    4. Do you find Parfit's view of personal identity or the no self view more plausible? Explain.
  • Only use the reading which I provide 
  • Each question is one Paragraphs Total 4

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