Performance Review Assignment

Please Watch this play and write a performance review and here is the link to it. You just have to create an account and you will be able to access it.

Here is a textbook you can refrence too: file:///Users/olyad/Downloads/The%20Creative%20Spirit%20An%20Introduction%20to%20Theatre%20by%20Stephanie%20Arnold%20(

Theatre Journal performance reviews should be written in clear, effective prose. Reviews should emphasize analysis of the production with a minimum of plot summary (no plot summary is necessary for often produced, well-known plays). The review might address the significance of production vis- -vis its historical moment, performers, director, design, playwright, style, or its audience. A review might consider a play's production values or emphasize the importance of a performance event with regard to its cultural, political, or historical context. Please consult previous issues of Theatre Journal for sample reviews.

Length: Reviews should run 800-1000 words in length.

Performance Review Assignment

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