Performance Management

WO 2 & WO 3

  1. As the new HR Director of a company in the behavioral health industry, you have the responsibility to develop a performance management system. You need to present a business case to senior executives that the performance management system does not stand alone and must be integrated into the company's strategic plan, business needs, and measurements.
    1. Given several key practices for a successful performance management system, which ones should be implemented first?
    2. Identify key measurements to transition the company from the current system of looking at personality factors to a new system of looking at performance factors.
  2. Based on your experiences, as well as the chapter information, what are some good "rules of thumb" for conducting successful performance appraisal interviews?
  3. How has the evolving business environment and the emergence of free-agent workers affected companies' decisions to develop-or-buy high-quality talent?


Performance Management

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Submit one, compiled document with responses to all questions. Please use in-text citations and a reference page using APA format. Formal citations are required. Use academic articles to help support your responses to the questions.

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