PER Discussion Post

Read Chapter 6 in your textbook and then analyze the following situation by answering the questions that follow the situation. Remember to use logic/critical thinking and not emotion.


A person has planted a bomb in downtown Atlanta, and it will detonate in forty-eight hours unless FBI agents are able to find it. You are an FBI agent, and you and your partner locate a possible suspect. You and your partner take the person to an undisclosed location. You follow procedures but are not able to get the information you need. Five hours have elapsed. You and your partner discuss the idea of using torture to extract information from this suspected bomber. 

PER Discussion Post

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Post 1: Answer the following questions.  

1. What facts would you need to gather in this case in order for you to believe that this person is the bomber?  If you had all these facts, would you use torture to extract the information from this suspect knowing it is illegal? Explain why you would or would not torture this subject.

2. Find an article discussing torture.  Summarize the article's argument for or against torture. Analyze the argument and use facts to state whether you agree or disagree with the article.

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