Paper #3 - FINAL ASSIGNMENT - Financial Issues In Health Care

Antismoking Campaigns 

 Many governments have introduced measures to reduce smoking. A central question would seem to be What is the externality that justifies these measures? Another possibility is that information about the harms of smoking is a public goodYou are assigned to carry out one of these research topics and submit your findings clearly with all necessary articles/books supporting your choice. Please select any one of these and complete the research paper for this week. 

a)Research the evidence about the externalities associated with smoking. 


 b)Research the evidence about the public good associated with reduced (or no) smoking. Note: Kindly ensure that all key terms are clearly defined within your research paper and ensure sources are backed with data. Feel free to state the reason and conviction of your choice and position with respect to smoking as a healthcare professional seeking an MBA, and justify it.

Paper #3 - FINAL ASSIGNMENT - Financial Issues In Health Care

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