Neurons And Neurotransmisson

  1. In your slide show and video, be sure to explain the following:
    1. The parts of neuron and what they do. You should include at least six parts of a neuron in your description. You will need approximately one slide to explain and illustrate parts of a neuron and what they do. (5 pts possible)
    2. The electrical portion of the action potential. Your explanation should include the major ions involved, a discussion of the resting membrane potential, and an explanation of how the resting membrane potential changes to generate an action potential. You will need approximately 1-4 slides to explain this. (5 pts possible)
    3. The chemical portion of the action potential. Your explanation should explain how neurotransmitters bind to receptors, and how this binding action can change membrane potentials. Also be sure to explain how the chemical portion of the signal is both initiated and terminated, that is, how neurotransmitters are released from vesicles, and how neurotransmitters are removed from the synapse. You will need approximately 1-3 slides to explain this. (10 pts possible) 

Neurons And Neurotransmisson

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