Negative Impacts Of Illegal Drugs

Task 2 is a research paper that successfully uses sources to prove the supporting points from your thesis in the order they are listed in your thesis, credible sources. The most important aspect of the assignment is assuring that the essay demonstrates your ability to systematically argue/illustrate the supporting points in a logical, well-organized manner. Write at least two body paragraphs for each of your supporting points (more if you have two supporting points), and be sure to use at least two sources per supporting point, which would be around four pages of essay. As long as you have a minimum of two body paragraphs per supporting point (more if you have two supporting points), two sources per supporting point (with a minimum of seven total sources used in the essay), and four FULL pages of actual essay (this does not include the title and reference list) text in double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font, you have a working task at minimum length. 

Please use the sources from Annotated Bibliography

Negative Impacts Of Illegal Drugs

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