Negative Email

As the wedding planner at Eureka Springs Weddings in Arkansas, you just discovered a terrible mistake. Two weddings have been scheduled for the same Saturday in June. How could this have happened? You keep meticulous records, but six months ago, you were away for two weeks.

Another employee filled in for you. She apparently didn’t understand the scheduling system and lined up two weddings for the renowned Thorncrown Chapel on June 16. The month of June, of course, is the busiest month of the year. Weddings in the beautiful glass cathedral in the woods are usually booked for two years in advance, and it can handle only one wedding a day.

It’s now January, and Candy Schonwald, one of the brides-to-be called to check on her arrangements. That’s when you discovered the mistake. However, you didn’t reveal the blunder to Candy on the telephone. From experience, you know how emotional brides can be when their plans go awry. Now you must decide what to do. Your manager has given you complete authority in scheduling weddings, and you know she would back nearly any decision you make to rectify the mistake. Unfortunately, the historic 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa and 1905 Basin Park Hotel wedding venues are booked for June Saturdays. However, you do have some midweek openings for the Thorncrown Chapel in early June. If one of the brides could change to midweek, you might offer one free night in a sumptuous bridal suite at the storied Crescent Hotel & Spa to smooth ruffled feathers.

With its 6,000 square feet of glass and 425 windows, Thorncrown Chapel offers a dreamlike setting for unforgettable wedding celebrations that feel outdoors while providing the comfort of indoor air conditioning. Brides, grooms, and their guests can enjoy the historic Castle in the Sky, a palatial hotel perched atop West Mountain in the Ozarks, a Victorian hotel surrounded by hundreds of Victorian cottages, ample green space, and hidden trails.

Negative Email

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Your task is to decide what course of action to take so you can explain to your manager what you think needs to be done to resolve the situation so both brides will be satisfied. The two brides-to-be are Candy Schonwald and Debbie Hungeling.

In an email to your manager, Jane Wellington (, explain your response strategy before responding to the two brides.

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