My Immunity To Change Map And Development Plan

Complete the Immunity to Change Map [DOC]. In this worksheet, indicate an improvement goal for an aspect of your work routine that you would like to change, list what you do or do not do that works against your improvement goal, and identify competing commitments. Also, use the Capella University Library to find one other resource that addresses how to commit to and implement a personal change in the workplace.

Read and view the following:

  • Kegan, R., & Lahey, L. (2001). The real reason people won't change. Harvard Business Review, 79(10), 84–92.
  • BCODN. (2012). An evening with Robert Kegan and immunity to change [Video] | Transcript. Retrieved from


Imagine that you work in any organization you choose in any position you like. For the sake of simplicity, you may choose to imagine your present position at a company where you already work.

Your supervisor in this organization has requested that you head up a staff development initiative. As your first step, your supervisor has requested that you generate a personal development plan that will identify a clear opportunity for improvement as well as any obstacles that may hinder its achievement. She hopes that your development plan will become a model for ongoing development within the workplace.

My Immunity To Change Map And Development Plan

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Your Role

You occupy your present position at work or another position in any organization that you can clearly imagine. Whatever your other responsibilities, you are now also tasked with helping support productive change within the workplace. For the sake of this assessment, this role begins by imagining a potential change in how you approach your own role and identifying potential obstacles that might prevent your improvement.

Imagine a change in how you think about or approach your work that may yield greater productivity or some other benefit. For example, you may be thinking about planning ahead more or reserving some time each week specifically for focused reflection. Consider what is keeping you from implementing this change.


Using the questions and steps outlined in Kegan and Lahey's "The Real Reason People Won't Change," the principles discussed in the An Evening with Robert Kegan and Immunity to Change video, and the Immunity to Change Map you completed, construct a personal development plan that outlines a change you want to achieve at work. In addition to a narrative that includes the background and assumptions on the need and drivers for this change, include the following:

  • Describe the personal change as well as competing commitments and big assumptions.
  • Develop a plan for successfully managing the selected change. Be as specific as you can in how you might work on meeting the goals of your plan.
  • Analyze the drivers for change and anticipated outcomes of successfully implementing the development plan.

Your development plan should be written coherently to support a central idea. Use appropriate APA format, with correct grammar, usage, and mechanics as expected of a business professional.

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