Music Short Essay

Please reflect on the following in 300-350words:

1. In one to three sentences, write a"thumbnail" of your musical biography. Here you would

include whatever music that was played inyour home, music classes at school, private or group lessons on an instrumentor voice, performing experience, and college-level work. If you had nopractical musical experience prior to enrolling in MUS, say so.

Music Short Essay

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2. What sort of music do you listen to ofyour own volition (i.e. when you're not fulfilling a MUS assignment)? Here, youmight name a variety of styles of genres, such as rap, classic

rock, jazz, or other possibilities. Foreach, explain when and why you listen to this music. For

example: "It helps me study.""It reminds me of my childhood." "It cheers me up when I feel

discouraged about tuition payments."

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