Movie Review


For this assignment, you will provide a critical review of one (1) book or two (2) movies. to demonstrate an understanding of how colonial history continues to influence stereotypes of Indigenous peoples that persist today. As part of this assignment, you will lead a class discussion based on your book or movies. The assignment will be marked based on your ability to critically engage with the following questions/concepts.


1. You will work individually to complete this assignment.

2. This assignment will require you work outside of classroom time.

3. The assignment will be marked based on your ability to critically engage with the following              questions/concepts:

a.         What is your response to the major themes/concepts presented in the book or movies?

b.         Did the author/director meet their established objectives? Why/why not?

c.         How did the author/director use historical references to meet their objectives of the book and provide examples?

d.         How has the book contributed to a better understanding of the origins of contemporary Indigenous stereotypes? Why/why not?

e.         Is the book effective in contributing to cross-cultural understanding?

Movie Review

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Why/why not?

4. Please refer to your course schedule for the due date.

5. This review is to be developed as per essay format, 3 - 4 pages in length (do not go over the maximum), and double-spaced.

Possible Movies to select from:

Smoke Signals

Powwow Highway

Dances with Wolves

Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee


Black Robe

Reel Injun

Searching for Winnetou

Wind River

Monkey Beach

The Mission

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